How to: Dress Like a Princess

Today I came across an old H&M skirt in my closet, looking sad and overlooked.  Feeling inspired, I decided to take it out for a twirl.  Since the skirt has the potential to be very formal looking (not the look I was going for), I chose to dress it down by pairing it with a tank top and my Levi’s denim vest from Urban Outfitters.


Photo by: Sarah Mann

Photo by: Sarah Mann

Photo by: Sarah Mann

I very much like the fact that the vest hides the top of the skirt, (possibly) giving the illusion that the skirt could really be a dress.  Sticking with the ‘princess’ theme of the day, I used this tutorial to pull my hair away from my face and added a “Snow White” inspired red lip.

Every princess needs a tiara of some sort, and since I ALWAYS love to add something sparkly to my outfit, I wore my absolute favorite headband.  (I will have a tutorial up on how to create it yourself very soon!)

Photo by: Sarah Mann

That’s all for now! xoxo

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